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DigiHana is a web application that allows users to mint their own digital flower; a hana. Each token is unique and its pattern is generated on the fly, as you would anticipate a physical flower's bloom.

What makes these hanas truly unique is the permanence of its beauty and the minter's ownership of it. Instead of adopting the common practice of storing only the metadata on-chain, only to point to an external and potentially vulnerable source of data, each flower data is encoded and baked directly into the Ethereum blockchain. Hana owners truly own their hanas, just as they own their necklaces or sneakers; unless the Ethereum ecosystem itself catastrophically fails, your digihanas will be semi-permanently retrievable and verifiable without any external dependencies.

Collection ID

Rarible / Opensea

You can also mint your own digihanas to this collection using a metamask wallet. Currently the smart contract is on the Ethereum Testnet (Rinkeby) since I cannot afford the gas fees and all that. The functionality is entirely the same, the only difference being that your hana won't cost you a penny nor will it be worth any penny. Try it out by connecting your metamask wallet to the Rinkeby testnet!

If there's enough interest, I hope to release it on the main Ethereum network. If anyone is willing to contribute some ETH to do this, my wallet is